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Sie erlernen in 3 Tagen die zentralen Ansätze von PRINCE2 in Verbindung mit agilen Methoden. Sie lernen alle Aspekte eines agilen PRINCE2 Projekts und den prozessgesteuerten Ablauf eines solchen Projekts in der Praxis kennen. Sie lernen wie weltbekannte agile Best Practices (z. B. SCRUM und Kanban) mit PRINCE2 zusammenarbeiten und wie klassisches und agiles Projektmanagement verschmelzen. Während des Trainings bereiten Sie sich auf die offizielle PRINCE2 Agile Prüfung vor.

Das PRINCE2 Agile Training  ist offiziell akkreditiert und entspricht den Anforderungen des Official Accreditor von PRINCE2 (AXELOS). Dadurch haben Sie die Garantie, dass Ihnen alle entscheidenden Inhalte von PRINCE2 Agile vermittelt werden.


Die Kandidaten müssen im Besitz eines aktuellen PRINCE2 Foundation-Zertifikats sein, um zur Prüfung zugelassen zu werden. Die offiziellen Prüfungsergebnisse werden erst veröffentlicht, sobald das Prüfungsinstitut verifiziert hat, dass die Voraussetzungen erfüllt wurden. Die Zertifizierung gilt für die Dauer von fünf Jahren.


Bewertung: 4 - aus 1207 Bewertungen.
Good. Thank you.
Very good experience overall
When I needed to contact ILX staff were always willing to help.
Had issues accessing account due to the fact my original purchase was not recognised by their system. Training pack good; however, the marketing information under-estimates the amount of time investment by some amount . I've completed BEng and MSC studies and know how hard it is to combine work and study life … the length of time required to successfully complete this course is not to be under-estimated but may be under-played by ILX
I think the classroom was amazing. I was concern about having 3 days intense learning of lots of concepts. And actually with the teacher experience was truly amazing.
ILX Course was good - Karen was a fantastic trainer
Everything was very quick and efficient in terms of questions and confirmations. A very professional service with a good level of detail attached to each of the process steps.
Our trainer was excellent, knowledgeable and thorough. However the exams need to be more consistent in what the questions are seeking - some questions are needlessly pedantic in how wording must be interpreted to get the correct answer, others are so loosely interpretive that analysing wording is pointless. The trouble is you can't hope to pick the difference. Questions like this don't test understanding, they don't really test anything meaningful, they simply frustrate.
The classroom session was really good. The course had a good pace and prepared me well for the exams. Met some lovely people and had a great week! I initially signed up for the online courses, if you only want to do the Foundation level then this would be sufficient but these were less than adequate to prepare you for the Practitioner exam as the process of marking up and following in your manual was quite difficult!
Love the training video and the simplicity in which the details were embeded. It was easy to follow and I cleared the exam in first attempt.