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How to Train the Un-Trainable – Part 2

Part two of our suggestions for learners and trainers to improve their learning journey.

  1. Interactivity. You can’t beat quizzes, scenario questions, practical examples and simulations for explaining, for learning, for revising and for applying learning to real-life situations. All of these things bring learning to life and one of them is bound to help the "un-trainable" learner get it.
  2. Communication. Trainers, make sure you’re not talking at students. Check their understanding as you go along rather than right at the end. Learners note down what you don’t get and ask at the end. Even though it’s daunting to ask questions in front of other people – especially if like Phil you’ve asked for the nth time – keep asking.
  3. Success criteria. Explain expectations, outputs and outcomes so that the student has a clear picture of what success would look like for them individually or for the company.
  4. Reviewing. Don’t wait until the end of the course to review your learning or your training. Discuss what’s been going well and what needs to improve. Find out what you can each do to adjust your training and your learning. Set a timeline and goals for improvement. Ensure your targets are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART).
  5. Keeping up. If you like to learn at your own pace, the solution is to avoid classroom courses and go for e-learning, m-learning or blended learning (a mixture of online and classroom). Then you can go at your own pace.
  6. Memory. You did get it, but that was yesterday. Today you can’t remember which side is up. If you’re on a course already, head to our Downloads page for loads of hints and tips on PRINCE2. If you’re not on a course, visit our site and find out about our elearning courses that let you rewind and wind on as often as you like.
  7. Perseverance. If you’re training someone in the workplace and you feel that you’re hitting your head against a brick wall you might feel tempted to let fate take its course and give up. Don’t. It can be an expensive business and it’s better to help both trainer and learner improve.

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