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Why You Don’t Have to be a Budding Project Manager to Benefit from PRINCE2 Foundation Training

Whatever business you are in and whatever role you play PRINCE2 Foundation project management training can help you. Here are some reasons why.

  • Gain Skills that Transcend Professions. Take a look at your daily life at work and at home and you’ll see that life is made up of many little and large projects. Whether you’re in sales, in construction or in any kind of career as our links below show, applying basic project management techniques can give you the ability to work in an organised and systematic way to deliver results.
  • Understand Project Management. In today’s economy we work with many people with different skills and in different disciplines. Most businesses have a project running at one time or another and you may find yourself working with project managers. PRINCE2 Foundation can help you understand the terminology so you can speak their language.
  • Be a Team Player. The Foundation course may not make you an expert project manager or give you a major role in a project, but it will equip you to be an informed and useful member of a project team.
  • Make a Career Move. Jobs are few. Budgets are tight. Departments are slimming down. Can you multi-skill? Can you deliver more than your job description? Projects are a part of business and if you can manage projects, you have that all-enviable thing – another string to your bow.
  • Become a Practitioner. Foundation is the first level you need to achieve before you can sit the Practitioner exam. This higher qualification goes into the many layers that make up PRINCE2 and prepares you for a career in project management.

Useful Links:

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