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PRINCE2 6th Edition Frequently Asked Questions

When will the update be taking place?

For PRINCE2 exams and guiding materials in English, the new updates will be ready for mid-6th Edition. Revised guidance will be available before the exam, to ensure adequate preparation.

I'm currently studying for the PRINCE2 exam, how am I affected?

You can opt to take either the current or new version of the PRINCE2 exam until the end of 6th Edition. However, if you intend to take the PRINCE2 exam after 2018, you will be assessed in line with the new updates.

Foundation exam candidates will be tested on their knowledge of tailoring PRINCE2. A strong knowledge of tailoring will be required to pass. Aspects of the exam that do not focus on areas of core value will either be removed or greatly reduced.

The updated Practitioner exam will encompass all areas of PRINCE2's methodology. Candidates will be assessed on their practical skills. In other words, candidates must show they know how to apply PRINCE2 in a project environment.

Should I buy the course now or wait until the update?

Consumer Offers:

Book a PRINCE2 e-learning course between January and July 6th Edition, and you can have FREE access to the brand new PRINCE2 6th Edition content. Following this, it is entirely up to you to take the updated version, or the PRINCE2 5th Edition version.

If you've signed up to an ILX blended course between January and July 6th Edition. You have one of three options:

  • If you've taken the Foundation and Practitioner exam before July 1st 6th Edition, you will have access to the updated PRINCE2 content.
  • If you sat your Foundation exam before July 1st, but are taking the Practitioner class after July 1st 6th Edition, you will have access to the PRINCE2 6th Edition content.
  • If you've booked a Foundation exam (and therefore the Practitioner course too) after July 1st 6th Edition, you will qualify for a free upgrade. It will be entirely your choice to take the 5th Edition or 6th Edition PRINCE2 exam.

Corporate Offers:

Companies that have booked PRINCE2 corporate e-learning, on a digital learning license, will be entitled to the same benefits as consumers (please see above).

If you have booked PRINCE2 corporate e-learning on an enterprise license, you will have the choice to accept a free upgrade to PRINCE2 6th Edition, or continue to take the PRINCE2 5th Edition exam.

Companies that have booked blended corporate training and will take both exams after July 1st will be entitled to the same upgrade and choice as consumer learners.

Will the PRINCE2 exam be more difficult?

Yes. Both the Foundation and Practitioner exams will be slightly harder. However, they will both be much more efficient, with less questions. There will also be either a small focus, or none at all, on non-essential parts of the PRINCE2 methodology.

What languages will the update be available in?

Upon the initial launch, the PRINCE2 6th Edition update will be in English. It will then be subject to extensive monitoring and testing. After this, the new content will be available in the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • German
  • Polish
  • French
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Italian

Will my current Practitioner certificate be affected?

No. There will be no impact on the validity of your five-year Practitioner certificate. However, we do strongly suggest you become well-versed in the PRINCE2 6th Edition update when available.

Will there be a change to how Practitioners get recertified?

PRINCE2 Practitioner certificates will now need to be renewed every three years, instead of five. Re-registration now requires a full retake of the Practitioner exam, as opposed to the previous re-registration exam.

However, there is an alternative to re-qualify. Candidates can opt to hold an active PRINCE2 membership subscription for the full 3 years. They must also complete the 45 requisite Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

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For any further queries about the new PRINCE2 update, click here to get in contact with us.

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