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PRINCE2 Blended Learning

What is PRINCE2 Blended Learning?

The term 'Blended Learning' is now becoming increasingly used to describe the way that companies mix traditional classroom training and online learning, to provide the most successful overall results.

You can use the online learning to learn the repetitive parts of the subject, such as the process model in PRINCE2 and then test these to Foundation exam level.

This can be completed in a way that allows different speeds and styles of learning to achieve the same target level of knowledge prior to moving forward, without the pressure of classroom and their peers.

During this time students have access to a trainer via phone or email, and will get as much support as they require.

The student then moves forward to classroom training to take the knowledge through to the next level, such as a Practitioner qualification. They will learn how to put their knowledge to practical use, rather than just passing the exams.Typically a five day classroom course would be reduced to two or three days, by combining self study, with a focussed workshop, and if required, exams.

This approach works really well for customers worldwide, and we run courses internationally using this style of training.

PRINCE2 blended learning benefits

  • Significantly reduced costs versus a full classroom course
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • Self testing gives confidence prior to workshops
  • Increased flexibility in delivery
  • Trainer support throughout the whole process
  • Less time away from workplace for key people
  • Proven higher exam pass rates
  • Less pressure on students
  • More focus on implementation rather than just passing exams
  • 'Just in time' training for new staff
  • Access to course material after training for review
  • Provides consistent training across multiple locations
  • Training easier to schedule.

PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner blended learning course

Find out more about our PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner blended learning course here