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Competition and how to beat it

Project Management is one of the most competitive industries in the world. There is fierce competition across the board, with companies battling it out for the contracts that showcase their skills. In order to get ahead in the field, there are a few factors you need to remember to give yourself the advantage.

The first is enthusiasm. Without a passion for your profession, you cannot expect to achieve high levels of success. If you project negativity or disinterest, it is very difficult for those around you to become inspired. Without inspiration, your project is at risk before it is even gets off the ground. Positive thinking, both in attitude and in planning, is essential to your success. With enthusiasm comes confidence, and this is something that has a knock on effect to your whole team. It also highlights a commitment to the project, a vital aspect of project management as a whole as it is an indicator of a can-do attitude. Once you see the effect this will have on your team as well as your client, you will be able to appreciate just how invaluable it is.

Secondly, it is your ability to appreciate different points of view. In order to create a coherent, fully functioning management system you will need to adapt and alter initial planning. You will also have to consider that your view may not be the most suitable to the given task. Having a team around you means you have to work as one. If you fail to take into account what those around you are proposing, their confidence in both themselves and you will diminish noticeably. Change should be something a project manager thrives on, rather than shies away from. Having empathy with your team or your client and their reasons for change means you will be able to move forward effectively.

Communication is also an integral factor in the success of a project. It has to be of the highest quality from the top down, so nothing is missed or lost along the way. You need to communicate with clarity every aspect of the project. Whether this is your overall goals, your expectations or the projects requirements there can be no assumption that everyone is on the same page. If you are direct with your communication, and present an image of openness, your team will feel at ease approaching you with any issues that may occur. You will able to support individuals as well as the team as a whole.

Finally, you need to ensure you have had the adequate training to deal with whatever your project may throw at you. You need to know what structures the perfect management system, as well as the processes that factor into it. To succeed in project management you need to formally recognise all the facets of the industry in order to create a more streamlined management process. It is also crucial you are able to transfer this training into the practical field by being aware of all the scenarios that could arise in any given project.

At ILX, our PRINCE2 training incorporates all of these aspects. Used internationally by many high profile businesses, you will give yourself an advantage in the field. With competition at an all time high, you will be able fine tune your skills as well as gaining worthwhile insights into the industry. Contact us today and enquire about our training courses to see how you could further your experience as a project manager.