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What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a process-based method for effective project management, and will give you the fundamental skills you need to become a successful project manager. It stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and is used and recognised all over the world.

PRINCE2 is completely scalable, and the most recent update to the framework means it can be more easily tailored to each project you undertake.

PRINCE2® has recently been updated from the 6th Edition to the 7th Edition, and the PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation and Practitioner exams will be available for individuals and organisations from September 2023.

The updates have been made to support individuals and organisations to meet the challenges and opportunities that they face both today and in the future.

More information about the guidance and the format of the exams and pre-requisites will be published soon. But if you can't wait to book your training, PRINCE2 7th Edition is available for pre-order here.

PRINCE2 benefits

How can PRINCE2 benefit you?

There are over 1 million certified PRINCE2 professionals around the world, and it is firmly established as the world's most practised method for project management.

The skills you learn through PRINCE2 will help you to manage a project more successfully and more effectively. It will also help with your career progression - for many organisations, having PRINCE2 is necessary to get a job as a project manager. In fact, 88% of project professionals said that PRINCE2 helped them in their career.

How can PRINCE2 benefit your organisation?

As an organisation that follows the PRINCE2 methodology, your projects will benefit from:

  • A common and consistent approach
  • A controlled and organised start, middle and end
  • Regular reviews of progress against plan
  • Assurance that the project continues to have a business justification

Additionally, the PMI's Pulse Of The profession report from 2018 found that organisations that invest in proven project management practices experience greater success than those who don't. And the 2019 Power of Professional Certification report from AXELOS found that 97% of decision-makers say certification has a positive impact, bringing higher efficiency and greater employee satisfaction.

PRINCE2 qualifications

The certification is split into two different qualification levels – Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation level is an introduction to the PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes. It teaches you how to consistently deliver projects on time and within budget, manage risk and mitigate perceived problems. The Practitioner level then teaches you how to apply and tailor PRINCE2 appropriately to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario.

PRINCE2 training

Our PRINCE2 training is available through various different delivery methods, so you can pick the one that best suits your learning style.

Online e-learning
Thanks to the combined efforts of our learning development specialists, subject matter experts and multi-media developers, ILX has some of the best accredited online training in the world. Our interactive e-learning focuses not just on exam readiness, but on developing high-performance behaviours.
Available courses:
Classroom courses
Lead by our passionate and experienced trainers, our classroom courses give a personalised experience where, if you’re unsure on something, you can have it explained to you in a way that you’ll understand.
Available courses:
Blended learning
Understand the key concepts with our online Foundation material, and then learn how to apply the theory with a Practitioner classroom workshop.
Available courses:
Virtual courses
Our virtual workshops incorporate both the personal teaching experience of a classroom, with the ease and flexibility of a virtual environment, so that delegates can be in various different locations.
Available courses:

Featured courses

PRINCE2 consulting

Effective use of PRINCE2 across an organisation, requires more than just the training of individuals. In order to realise the full benefits of the framework, a company needs to adapt it in a way that best suits the business.

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