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Is E-learning Right for You as an Individual?

E-learning’s been kicking around for a while and many organisations use it in their training programmes, but is it right for you? Answer these questions to see!

  1. Are you on a tight budget?

    Right – after all who isn’t? E-learning can reduce your costs. If you buy a classroom course you’re not only paying for your own travel, lunch and other expenses but also for the cost of training facilities, the trainer and maybe even his or her lunch! Buy e-learning and you’re just paying for the course.

  2. How packed is your schedule?

    Join the club! Online learning fits around you not the other way around. There’s no need to take time off work or to use your precious annual holiday to train. Learn in your lunch hour, learn when the kids are in bed or even learn in a hurry; if you need that qualification quickly, e-learning’s a great way to get on a course fast!

  3. Do you want learning that you can apply in the real world?

    Of course you do! And that’s what well thought out e-learning will provide through case studies, realistic scenarios and an interactive and rich training environment that should extend from games and downloads, right the way through to mobile and virtual classroom learning options.

  4. Would you like to learn at your own pace?

    With e-learning you’re in the driving seat. If you’re an old project management hand then you can motor through the course. If, however, you’re new to the discipline,you can start, you can pause, you can stop, you can reverse; in fact you can do almost anything you like to make sure that you take everything in.

  5. Do you like to know where you’re at in your learning?

    Who wouldn't? Online learning provides a range of information and measures to help you judge your progress to improve your performance in the exam and in the workplace. So you should ensure that the e-learning programme you choose includes, amongst other things,exam simulation, personalised and prompt feedback and a record of your progress.

  6. Is it important for you to be in a collaborative environment?

    Well, this may come as a surprise, but the best e-learning is all about collaboration! Full tutor support, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook and much more ensure that collaborative learning isn’t limited to the few people in your classroom but to a global network through which you can ask questions, seek support, develop your understanding and build professional networks.

  7. Would you like training materials to be accurate and up-to-date?

    No kidding! This is something that you can count on with online learning. Experienced training providers quickly ensure that learning programmes reflect the latest regulations and the latest thinking which means that you’re not at the mercy of out-of-date learning materials or individual trainers’ expertise.

  8. Do you face physical, cultural, linguistic or other challenges that affect your access to learning?

    Online learning can help you get round them. With e-learning you don’t have to leave home, you don’t have to deal with difficult accents for programmes are voiced and written in clear English, you don’t have to ask questions publicly in front of others but can ask a tutor privately. With e-learning you can design your learning around your needs.

Useful Links:

  • The Office of Government Commerce website offers a serious and authoritative view on PRINCE2.
  • APMG can direct you to accredited training providers and a wealth of useful information.
  • APM aims to advance the science of project management and has its own qualifications such as the APMP Introductory Certificate in Project Management, the APM Practitioner Certificate and the APMP Qualification for PRINCE2 Practitioners.
  • E-learning is now an integral part of training for Australian businesses and the vocational education and training sector as a 2010 benchmarking survey demonstrates.
  • For a comprehensive view of what world-class e-learning looks like head to ILX and try it out for yourself. Don’t forget to try the mobile learning programmes.
  • For resources and downloads go to the ILX Downloads page.

    Collaboration is the key in e-learning so don’t forget to have a look at some of the tools that can help you improve your learning and your performance at work.

  • The PRINCE2 forum is a great place to throw out ideas, ask questions or merely visit to see what people are talking about.
  • We all know about and use Twitter and Facebook but they’re also great ways of having conversations about project management and keeping up to date with the latest thinking.
  • If you think your company might want to introduce e-learning you may like to point them towards ILX Connect. This holds a company’s hand as it goes through the process of implementing e-learning.