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Project Management Books that Will Help you Go Places

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

This much loved phrase from the Dr Seuss book for children has a lesson for adults: reading is an important way to learn and to advance your career.

Often we (rightly) emphasize practical project management knowledge learnt through real-life success and failure. Sometimes, however, we (wrongly) underestimate the value of project management knowledge learnt from books and training, for they can help us avoid the pitfalls that trapped our predecessors. So we went book hunting and found hundreds that could help you develop as a project manager. Here are a few of them; we hope that you’ll find them useful. If you would like more information about PRINCE2 training then contact us now.

Brilliant PRINCE2: What you really need to know to make your project a success, Bentley, C., January 2013, Prentice-Hall, paperback, 200 pages, ISBN 13: 9780273750536 ISBN 10: 0273750534

One of a series of what-you-need-to-know and how-to books that cover everything from interviews to HTML, Brilliant PRINCE2 plans to cover everything you need to know about the methodology. It’s aimed at the student, the newly qualified or just the plain interested. Based on the quality of the series it will be worth heading to the shops when it hits the shelves.

Special PRINCE2 Bundled Offer, TSO, ISBN KSP2BO in various languages

Drum roll please for this one because for the ridiculous price of £99, the world of PRINCE2 gets delivered to your door in any number of languages. Your package will have: Managing Successful Project with PRINCE2 Manual – Hard Copy (RRP £59.95); Directing PRINCE2 Projects with PRINCE2 Manual (RRP £39.95); PRINCE2 Pocket Book (RRP £3.50); PRINCE2 Process Model (RRP £3.35).

Much as we’d like to, we won’t go on about them all but it’s worth mentioning that the manuals are intuitively set out and that the Process Model is a great reference tool that you will carry with you for years to come. The best £99 you’ll ever spend whether you’re a PRINCE2 novice or PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Project Psychology, Using Psychology Models and Techniques to Create a Successful Project, De Mascia, S., 2012, Gower, Hardback, 218 pages, ISBN: 978-0-566-08942-8

We often hear that projects are about people, as indeed they are, so Sharron De Mascia’s book will make interesting reading for those who want to get to grips with this essential aspect of project management. Written in an approachable way the book covers everything from building the project team and culture to project wind downs. Simply but effectively set out, there are useful references and further reading lists.

How to Build the Best Project Management Office for Your Business, Taylor, P., 2011, Gower, Hardback, 206, pages, ISBN: 978-1-4094-1837-5

The jury is nowhere near out on the project management office but there are occasional mutterings about it being an extra expense that can be done without during hard times.

This book aims to show that PMOs are worth their weight in dollars and pounds for organisations and project managers because they can standardise and follow policies, processes and methods. Naturally, running a PMO isn’t easy but Peter Taylor explains how it can done in a straightforward way.

Starting Out in Project Management, Association for Project Management, 153 pages, ISBN 10: 1903494168, ISBN 13: 9781903494165

A little like a 2-for-1 this book, in that you find out about project management principles and get the information you need to study for the APM Introductory Certificate qualification. Great book to get you thinking too because at the top of every chapter it has reflective questions to help you link theory to your own reality. A well thought-through book available in a variety of languages and waiting for you in our store!

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