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Project management in crisis: Strategies for handling unexpected challenges

Throughout the course of a project, unexpected challenges are bound to arise on occasion. This is why its important to have a strategy in place for when they do. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the steps project professionals can take to limit the impacts of these issues and mitigate them quickly.

Five strategies for handling unexpected project challenges

1. Anticipate and plan for the unexpected

It’s important to proactively plan and put processes in place to ensure that when issues arise, they can be escalated to the appropriate level of management. This will help to ensure decisions are made in a timely manner, the necessary support is provided from those outside the project team, and risks are mitigated.

2. Establish clear communication channels

Clear communication ensures that all stakeholders are promptly informed about the nature of the challenge, its potential impacts, and the steps that are being taken to address it. This transparency fosters a culture of collaboration between all those involved and builds trust in the project team.

3. Foster a culture of flexibility and agility

Using a framework such as PRINCE2 Agile® can help you to become more adaptable to unexpected challenges. Adaptive leadership encourages your team to be more resilient, and allows them to propose more innovative solutions which may help to resolve these unforeseen circumstances.

4. Stay calm and composed

In a moment of crisis, it is important to maintain a calm and composed demeanour. By remaining level-headed in these situations, you will inspire confidence in your team members and other stakeholders. Plus, this will facilitate clear decision-making and help to improve your problem-solving abilities.

5. Evaluate and learn from crises

It is crucial that project professionals are able to evaluate and learn from these crisis scenarios when they occur because these experiences provide invaluable opportunities for growth and improvement. Reflecting on these occurrences can provide insights in areas of weakness or vulnerability within your project processes and allow you to take steps to correct these.

How can PRINCE2® training help to navigate unexpected challenges?

Training in PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile will provide a learner with a structured project management framework to follow in times of uncertainty, yet will also give them the ability to be flexible when necessary. When crises occur, this knowledge will allow a professional to remain in control of the project and their team.

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