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Virtual Tools for Project Managers

Whether you are separated by feet or miles from your clients, team or office, here are a few tools that could help you bridge any distance and challenge:

1. Basecamp – a neat way to manage projects and collaborate with your team and clients on line (priced from $24/month in USD) and on your phone.

DropMind– interactive, simultaneous, collaborative online mind-mapping tool for users to develop plans, improve communication and solve problems. Interacts with Basecamp, MS Project, and other software. Prices currently start from £10.

2. Wisdomap – web-based mind-mapping service to organise information, manage projects, deliver presentations and integrate media. Premium users can invite real-time collaboration. Free and then £10/pa for additional facilities such as real-time capability.

3. Vyew – browser-based, real-time collaboration application that allows users to meet and present as well as create and then work together on content. The desktop sharing facility includes some of the mark-up tools from the excellent whiteboard. Free and then with fees from $36.95/month USD for extra features such as greater capacity.

4. Dabbleboard – online collaboration on a whiteboard that will appeal to those who plan, brainstorm, present on a whiteboard. Features include a handy public library from which you can copy drawings others have made. Free with fees from $8/month USD for additional features such as unlimited private drawings or meetings and encrypted access. See also their AlmostMeet product (beta) for collaborative group meetings which allows texting as well as document and image sharing.

5. VPMi – billed as a cradle-to-grave project, programme, portfolio and resource management system, its core features include timesheets and document management facilities. Prices available are $10/month and $30/month in USD for the different access levels.

6. DeskAway – handy web- and subscription-based on-demand project collaboration software to organise, manage and track projects. Free for limited capability such as three active projects and five users and then a range of packages from $10/month in USD.

7. Teamwork Project Manager – useful online teamwork and project management software that helps everyone involved in a project to work together online. A free option expands to £12/month upwards for various packages.

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