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PRINCE2 Helps To Deliver Excellence At Vocalink

PRINCE2® Case Studies

"We're talking large numbers -- 94% of the UK's payroll goes through our system," Nick says, "but we are acutely aware that every one of those payments is important to someone. Our biggest client is the Department of Work and Pensions and clearly it wouldn't be acceptable to have a situation where a person's pension doesn't get paid into their bank account."

As well as an open culture, whose aim is to address issues and problems when they arise and to not 'hope for the best' but instead to plan for the worst, the organisation uses PRINCE2®, to plan its project delivery. "We apply consistent PRINCE2 principles to all our processes, making them extremely robust. We know you can't engineer out all the risks but we can plan extensively. Our culture is really picky, we are never satisfied with 'just OK', we always sense when we can do more. It helps that are our staff are self-motivated and determined to get the job done," he says.

The organisation behind the implementation of the Faster Payments Service is VocaLink, and Nick Masterson Jones is their Director of Information Technology. VocaLink process domestic and international automated payments and provides ATM switching solutions. It also runs the Bacs service, specialising in the interbank low value, high volume payments.

And when you're talking VocaLink high volume -- you really mean it. In a single day, the organisation has processed 91 million payments and last year processed an astonishing 9 billion payment transactions. The systems have to work -- every payment is important.

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