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Introduction to MS Project Online

New to Microsoft Project? Our new elearning will guide you through the basics to help you maximise your ability to utilise Microsoft Project to its full potential.

Course overview

About the course

This hands-on course provides practical experience using Microsoft Project.  The course is designed for users with no prior knowledge of Microsoft Project. You will learn how to customise and schedule tasks and resources, optimise projects through planning, track and analyse project progress and create customised reports.


This elearning is expected to take approximately 10-12 hours.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Customise and schedule tasks and resources
  • Optimise projects through planning
  • Track and analyse project progress
  • Create customised reports

Project and project terms

  • Brief overview of how microsoft project relates to project management
  • Microsoft terminology

Creating project and resource calendars

  • Set the default working hours & week
  • Alter hours of working day
  • Set additional non-working days ie bank holidays
  • Applying a calendar to a project
  • Create a new project calendar
  • Create a new resource calendar and assign to resources

Entering tasks

  • Enter tasks, set durations and create milestones
  • Manual vs automatic scheduling
  • Task information dialog
  • Create summary tasks
  • Create project tasks
  • Using the outline tools
  • Add notes

Task relationships and critical path

  • Finish to Start, Start to Finish, Finish to Finish and Start to Start
  • Theory of critical path
  • Showing the critical path
  • Slack time
  • Creating lead and lag time


  • Enter resources
  • Resource types
  • Labels, names and groups
  • Set costs, standard and overtime
  • Cost per use
  • Resource information dialog box
  • Cost rate tables
  • Fixed task costs
  • Assigning resource calendars to resources
  • Viewing availability
  • Assign resources to tasks


  • Setting a baseline
  • Setting multiple baselines
  • Measuring variance against baselines using the gantt chart
  • Modifying the variance table to measure the required variance on the project

Task constraints & task management

  • General (default) constraints
  • Hard constraints
  • Soft constraints
  • Deadlines
  • Remove deadlines / constraints
  • Scheduling project from start date
  • Scheduling project from finish date
  • Fixed duration vs fixed units
  • Create and assign task calendars

Project Costing

  • Resource costs
  • Duration driven
  • Show project statistics for project cost and duration
  • Show cost table (Gantt view)
  • Identify over allocations
  • Deal with over allocations


  • Setting a baseline
  • Clearing a baseline
  • Marking tasks % complete
  • Using the tracking gantt to spot slippage
  • Inactivate tasks
  • Reschedule workload
  • Measure tasks using the project status
  • Splitting tasks

Sorting, grouping & filtering

  • Sorting tasks by non-default sort order
  • Apply grouping levels
  • Use the autofilter
  • Use In-built filters for filtering tasks


  • Customise project dashboards to measure required information showing
  • Project overview
  • Late tasks
  • Milestones
  • Tasks by resources


  • View the timeline
  • Add tasks to timeline
  • Export to word/powerpoint
  • 12 months online access to our Introduction to Microsoft Project e-learning

This course will be suitable for individuals who want to familiarise themselves and utilise Microsoft Project to create, build and modify project plans.

A good knowledge of Microsoft office products is desirable.

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