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First Steps

ILX Implementation Services

ILX Group is one of the leading PRINCE2 Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO).

Whether you want expert assistance with your PRINCE2 implementation or simply require the tools and resources to complete your own implementation (or a mixture of both), ILX Group will put together a solution to suit your organisation.

Always implement PRINCE2 as a PRINCE2 Project

This may sound obvious or ridiculous (after all, how can you implement a project effectively using a defined approach that doesn’t exist yet?). However once you get used to the idea, it should become apparent that delivering PRINCE2 implementation as a PRINCE2 project can and does have significant benefits:

  • enables you to model the behaviours and disciplines that you want to encourage across all projects in a highly visible way;
  • helps you to discover what works and what doesn’t within your organisation and culture as you go, ensuring that the evolving design and roll out of your method is the right fit for your organisation;
  • actively demonstrates that the method works, by delivering an actual change project under full control and to high quality standards.

One of the measures of success for any PRINCE2 Implementation Project is that the project ultimately closes under the control of a governance process that the project itself has put in place.

This is not a paradox, the Implementation Project simply adopts the standards and processes as they are developed, and proving as it goes that the new method is a real working tool not a theoretical or academic initiative.

In order to initiate and deliver a PRINCE2 project, at least the project manager and project sponsor of the “PRINCE2 Implementation Project” should have a good working knowledge of the PRINCE2 method.

At this point (if they haven’t already), the individuals who will be taking up these roles should at least be familiar with the PRINCE2 Foundations by completing a PRINCE2 Foundation course. It may also be useful for other potential team members and key stakeholders to be familiar as well, in order to create a quorum of knowledge and act as champions going forward.