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Books to Help Your Business Boom

"It is what you read when you don't have to that determines what you will be when you can't help it." Oscar Wilde

As the weather does its stuff, there is nothing more tempting than curling up by the fire or stretching out on the beach with a good book (depending on whether you are in the northern or southern hemisphere). Here are a few of the many on the online and physical shelves of bookshops that will make sure that the read is worth your while.*

The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2013: The Most Comprehensive Annually Updated Guide for Entrepreneurs, The FT Guides, Paperback, Sara Williams, 480 Pages, ISBN-10: 0273778757, ISBN-13: 978-0273778752

One cannot go too far wrong with the FT when it comes to business news and the same is true of this guide for small business. Comprehensive, authoritative, and in accessible language, it aims to cover what budding entrepreneurs need to know about business including law and marketing and finance.

49 Quick Ways to Market Your Business for Free: An Instant Guide to Marketing Success, Harriman House, Kindle Edition, Sarah-Jane White, 521 KB, ASIN: B005EPR5MM

We all like something for free, and we especially like something that cuts down our marketing costs in tough times. So these ideas will appeal for it seems they can be applied to almost any kind of business and seem simple and quick to use. Definitely worth looking into it.

Good Small Business Guide 2013, 7th Edition: How to start and grow your own business, A & C Black Publishers Ltd, Paperback, 608 pages, ISBN-10: 1408159597 ISBN-13: 978-1408159590

A hardy perennial that comes back every year, this book, seems worth dipping into now and then or sitting down and reading from cover to cover (if you are so inclined) for its ideas on starting, running and developing a small business.

Start Your Own Business 2013, 5th Edition, Crimson Publishing, Paperback, 384 pages ISBN-10: 1780591209, ISBN-13: 978-1780591209

At a time when an entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial skills are said, by some, to be the way out of global recession, this will be a welcome addition to the library of books giving advice and guidance. It is certainly brimming with ideas, seems readable and full of lively insights.

What They Teach You at Harvard Business School: My Two Years Inside the Cauldron of Capitalism, Penguin, Philip Delves Broughton, 304 pages, ISBN-10: 0141046481, ISBN-13: 978-0141046488

As near as many of us will get to attending that august institution and therefore worth opening up for that alone, this seems, not surprisingly, to be full of useful insights and information that could be used to help everyone be better at business. Cleverly written, it is also humorous and, therefore, one to curl up with by the fire or the air condition depending on where you are in the world.

* ILX Group does not endorse any of the above products.

A Final Word

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