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ILX Online Learning Top Tips

ILX recently conducted a survey of our online learners and found that the greatest barrier to study was the combination of a lack of self discipline 33% and making the time to study 38%.

ILX have come up with these 5 tips to boost your motivation to login and learn:

  1. Grab a Study-Buddy - research has shown that studying with someone else will not only increase your motivation, but you are likely to pick up new study techniques and can share topics...
  2. Schedule it - pick a day and time each week and stick to it
  3. Download the m-learning modules to your smartphone so instead of checking facebook you can reinforce your learning while you’re standing in line or filling in time on public transport
  4. Make it fun - once a week grab your mate and test your knowledge against each other using the Snakes & Ladders revision app - download through iTunes
  5. Set an end goal - by setting a completion date to work towards, you are more likely to achieve your goals on time, or even sooner!

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