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Australian Department of Parliamentary Services

PRINCE2® Case Studies

In addition to having responsibility for the Parliament House building, DPS provides Hansard and broadcasting services for the Parliament, and ICT, library and research services to members of Parliament, parliamentary committees, and other building occupants.

The diversity of services provided by DPS, its origins in three separate departments, and the range of skill sets of staff within the Department, resulted in a number of different project management systems being used in the Department. These different systems meant that client service, business case development, cost estimating, and risk management was of variable standards and quality. In 2007 the Product and Service Development Branch made the decision to implement a single project management methodology, leading to the introduction of PRINCE2®.

What has followed has been a remarkable change in how projects are delivered, including an increased awareness by staff of their roles and responsibilities in the project management life-cycle. The strong governance principles in PRINCE2 have allowed decision making to be assigned to staff at the appropriate level and to facilitate the implementation of broader strategies. It has also enabled the more effective engagement of stakeholders in the process of project approval and management.

The common methodology across the Department has also brought considerable benefits.

All project management staff, from project officers to members of the Project Boards have received PRINCE2 training. This has established common language and expectations. Career prospects for staff are enhanced through their shared qualifications. It is now possible for project managers to move across projects and be able to contribute quickly and effectively. DPS is also able to more easily engage experienced project officers and project managers with PRINCE2 qualifications from throughout the Public Service and industry

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