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PRINCE2 successful examples

PRINCE2® in action: Examples of organisations running successful PRINCE2 projects

PRINCE2® is widely used worldwide, and for effective, structured project management, many private and public sector organisations are using PRINCE2 to their advantage. There are over 1 million certified PRINCE2 professionals worldwide, many of whom are making an impact in their industries by running successful PRINCE2 projects. Here are just some of the recent successful PRINCE2 projects taking place:


The challenge: At Sony, most projects had a long design period during the initial phases. The organisation struggled to keep track of the changes that occurred during this period and ensuring stakeholders were informed when requirements had been changed.

The solution: Adopting a new approach, using PRINCE2 Agile®, gave Sony the flexibility to reprioritise project activities based on identified requirement changes, while also ensuring a faster response from stakeholders. Using Scrum improved communication and allowed changes and approvals to happen quicker and more efficiently.

The result: Adopting an agile approach has meant less design elements are required from the Sony design team upfront, which reducing the duration of this initial period, resulting in a faster rollout and reduced rework while also improving communication across all stakeholders in the project.

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Age UK

The challenge: Direct debit payments were conducted in-house for the charity Age UK, which was very time-consuming and a huge administrative burden. The charity was looking to streamline supplier and services management while also increasing process efficiency.

The solution: Using the PRINCE2 methodology, Age UK was able to migrate its systems to a centralised database. With the PRINCE2 principles steering the project, clear roles, responsibilities, and milestones were put in place to ensure a smooth implementation and transfer to the new system.

The result: The PRINCE2 methodology enabled Age UK to successfully improve the process of direct debit payments. The charity has since continued to use PRINCE2 principles to improve the service, and have as a result seen considerable increases in efficiency. Multiple follow-on PRINCE2 projects have also been run including, allowing supporters to update details themselves in a new centralised database and improving security processes for the supporter engagement team.

Read the full Age UK case study.

How to run successful PRINCE2 projects

As these case studies show, PRINCE2 can be incredibly effective in managing standalone projects and ensuring ongoing continuous improvement. If you’re looking to achieve similar successes in your organisation, training in PRINCE2 can provide the knowledge, project management structure, and processes to manage projects successfully.

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