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Rating: 4.38 - from 1347 reviews.
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I found that studying using the online course was really easy and enjoyable. I am very pleased with the product.
Simplify the delivery style of the online learning, use more accessible language and imagery.
I am satisfied with the purchase. Quick delivery
Course content was well structured. Practice exams were very helpful. And Sabine van Lijf was extremely helpful during the pre-sales stage.
The online course is good quality. The exam process is good. The questions in the exam are different in comparison to the questions in the simulation of the exam and it create some confusion.
The 2 Simulations and related questions were critical in understanding in practice, how a PM reacts to different situations, and I can say it's not always intuitive (or common sense). You have to learn from documented situations - and there was a relatively high degree of consistency between the Simulations' situations/reactions and those in the Final Exam scenario.
Further guidance leading up to foundation exam. As far as i'm aware there was no mention until i booked my exam that there was the need for a microphone or video camera, fortunately i had one. A brief breakdown of what needs to happen during the exam with the video camera i.e. show the room, books and desk etc, this proved very difficult as i had a temporarily fix holding the webcam due to not knowing this was a requirement. A simple checklist to make sure all required documents have been gathered by the student would be worthwhile as there seems to be information all over which was discovered at different times during the study period. Furthermore a real annoyance is through People Cert offering discounts for failed exams before you have even sat the exam. What a con!!!!!!!!!!! Your in effect writing students off before they've even sat the exam and then offering the resit at a discount as if your doing a deal is disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!! If you can do a resit at a certain cost than do it, don't offer discounts. Discounts on buying a certificate also, CON!!! Do everything for a set cost
1) - Their online training service is very good and their use of recognisable characters for each role makes learning much easier. 2) - However, too much verbosity can get some students confused trying to remember the beginning of the sentence by the time the sentence ends. 3) - The quality of their soft-cover manual is rather disappointing though. A high profile project methodology like PRINCE2 deserves a presentable and robust hard-cover manual with a clear font and typeface. 4) - Some pages in the PRINCE2 manual have light pink letters on a white background and/or vice-versa. That combination of font and background is illegible. It is very difficult to read pink letters on a white background or white letters on a pink background, even in bright light. "Experienced/Old" Project Managers and Executives often have failing eye-sight and they need clear and legible fonts and typeface of prints in order to do their work properly.
Heel goede service, prima uitleg en opvolging via chat en mail. Heeft me overtuigd om de online cursus bij ILX te volgen. Heb tevens de cursus Prince2 gratis aangeboden gekregen bij de cursus Prince2 Agile, wat ik apprecieer. De cursus Prince2 is duidelijk uitgewerkt, ingedeeld en afgerond, terwijl ik dat evenwel niet kan zeggen over de cursus Prince2 Agile. Ze proberen daarin de hele tijd (vooral zichzelf) te overtuigen waarom Prince2 goed zou samenwerken met Agile. Dat voedt mijn twijfels juist ... Mijn advies: herwerk die cursus Prince2 Agile en haal al die blabla daarover eruit, dat zou er direct een héél stuk professioneler uitzien!
Good Training! It could have been a bit more interactiv.
Service designed well for a digital environment. platform performance was a bit quirky (GoToTraining?) and probably needs more functionality to make the online classroom environment more relatable.
시험 감독관이 불친절 했습니다.
Ich werde weitere Seminare buchen da ich mit Inhalt, Service und Qualität rundum zufrieden war.
Customer service is very helpful with my queries. Exam preparation for the Foundation exam is very helpful. I wish that the Practitioner exam however would closely mimic the actual exam so I know what to expect.
Online course is great & recommended - animations & guidance is well thought through, & the practice tests mean you are well prepared for the real thing.
The online Prince 2 foundation course was extended to coincide with the exam scheduled to ensure I had the support right up to the exam. Done efficiently, quickly and with no issues
Classical training was organised well. Online practice was great. Exam on paper wasn't needed in my opinion could be a digital exam aswell.
The whole ILX experience was 1st class right from the beginning. All material was easy to use and the online tutorials were very clear and easy to navigate
de data van de cursus waren niet correct. in plaats van 6 keer op maandag was het 2 weken op maandag én dinsdag en daarna 2 weken alleen op maandag. Dat kwam eigenlijk helemaal niet uit en ik heb nu veel minder tijd voor te studeren.