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Perfect Secret Santa Presents for Your Project Team

Carol music is tinkling out in the shops. Adverts for toys are wall-to-wall on the TV. It can mean only one thing: it’s Christmas and time for us all to rack our brains and buy presents for Secret Santa in the office. Rack no more. We've got some ideas here for the whole project team at prices to suit every pocket and taste.

  • The PRINCE2 app

    Learn, revise and play at Christmas ready for your PRINCE2 Foundation exam with our Snakes and Ladders Exam Prep Game. Being an absolute steal at £0.69, you can add it to other things to make a nice little present package.

  • PRINCE2 Process Model

    Some of the best things in life are free and this is one that will help project managers new and experienced alike. The PRINCE2 Process Model comes in a variety of languages and will wrap up nicely.

  • The mug, the mouse-pad and the T-shirt

    You could of course just buy one of these from a store but what about combining humour, motivation and practicality with customisable ones at outlets like zazzle.co.uk.

  • Stress balls

    We all suffer from stress and, believe it or not, there’s a stress ball out there for you and your particular brand of stress from places like Office Playground.com.

  • Childhood toys revisited

    Remember the Rubik Cube? Well, you may not have seen it quite like this. It comes in all sorts of imaginable shapes and sizes from note pads to pen holders at Red5.co.uk.

  • Stickers, magnets, badges and more

    Cheap, cheerful and kind of cute presents that give advice and tickle the funny bone are what may appeal about these products available from Café Press.co.uk.

  • Think outside the box

    Celebrate the season and members of the project team with some more unusual presents. Restaurant gift certificates are a great thank-you present to the whole team. For the person who has everything a donation to charity could be apt and seasonal and, if you know the person’s interests, you can personalise it. Artisanal gifts are original and may help a local craftsperson.

Happy Christmas Shopping!