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Blended Learning: The Benefits

The benefits of combining face-to-face and digital training techniques make blended learning the preferred method of training for today’s organisations according to ILX research: 75% of respondents in our Digital Learning for Business survey found blended learning the most efficient approach. We outline how it can deliver learning that is effective for modern business imperatives.

Active learning

  • By handing more control over to the business and the learner, great blended learning enables productive partnering of the traditional and digital world.
  • Pre-course online studies prepare delegates for their learning journey.
  • Foundation topic knowledge necessary to move on to advanced concepts is easily achieved through initial e-learning.
  • Formative assessment by exam simulations allows individuals and companies to plan learning.
  • Transferable analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are developed in workshops and in online environments.


  • Anytime, anywhere access is a reality with blended learning.
  • Productivity is maintained through the reduction of time away from work.
  • Multi-team and multi-region training programmes are possible by eliminating time, geographical and even cultural barriers.
  • Employees are able to access peer and tutor help and resources in class or online in the manner, and at the time and place of their choosing.

Social learning

  • Blended learning makes face-to-face workshop learning possible.
  • It allows collaboration with colleagues.
  • Course delegates can connect with peers on the internet.
  • There is the opportunity to take part in question and answer sessions with experts.
  • Communities of learning in physical and virtual spaces are created.
  • Formal and informal learning is possible.
  • Blended learning can facilitate corporate induction.

Talent management

  • Human resources professionals can benefit from the blending of classroom with digital.
  • Ensure consistency of training and learning.
  • Extend training capacity as learning can be in virtual as well as physical environments.
  • Free personnel specialists from administrative tasks to allow them to focus instead on nurturing talent.Personalisation


  • Corporate and individual clients can enjoy a tailored learning programme.
  • Organisational architecture will determine the elements of the training programme, but it can range from traditional-style workshops and seminars to digital-style learning through webcasts, webinars and podcasts.
  • Individualised learning paths for a whole team improve the return on investment of time and money.
  • To gain these benefits, organisations need to find a good training provider to advise on the content of the learning programme so learners are engaged and business goals are achieved.


  • Long-recognized as a benefit of e-learning, it is also a significant advantage of blended learning.
  • Fewer trainers for less time mean that organisations pay less for their travel and meal expenses.
  • Access to trainers virtually who would otherwise cost the organisation as they would have to brought in by car, train or airplane.
  • Equipment expenditure can be slashed because individuals bring their own device.
  • Travel and venue costs for learners tumble as some learning can now be done from the desk at home or work.

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