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5 Benefits of PRINCE2

PRINCE2 has often been called the de facto project management methodology. It was born from PRINCE, a UK government standard only meant for information systems. However, over the last few decades, it’s been reinvented and continually upgraded. This is why the current form of PRINCE2 is so ubiquitous and useful to you.

1. Widely Recognised

Although PRINCE began as a standard for IT project management, PRINCE2 was developed to be more universally useful. According to the AXELOS 2016 PRINCE2 report, PRINCE2’s level of adoption in IT has been overtaken by four other industries (pg. 29).

PRINCE2 examinations are available in 19 languages. So, it’s not just that qualifications are recognised across many industries; PRINCE2 is also globally established. The AXELOS report also claims most survey respondents with PRINCE2 qualifications are from outside the UK (pg. 11). Having a globally recognised qualification expands your network and the demand for your services.

2. Common Vocabulary

It’s not just the qualification that’s recognised across industries and countries. Over 150 public and private sector organisations make up a virtual committee that consults on PRINCE2. What PRINCE2 defines as ‘best practice’ is therefore agreed on. In other words, the language of PRINCE2 is the language of project management.

3. Flexible

Because PRINCE2 is about generic best practices, it’s non-proprietary. You don’t need any software to run PRINCE2 projects, apart from what your company prefers to use. Being generic also has the benefit of making PRINCE2 projects flexible. They don’t demand a company size or dictate how projects are delivered. For example, PRINCE2 Agile allows practitioners to combine the PRINCE2 framework with agile delivery.

4. Built for Uncertainty

Employers seem to love PRINCE2. Part of the reason is that candidates are well equipped for tough times. That applies to recessions as well as problems within organisations. Employers see PRINCE2 candidates as trouble-shooters. If a project is in crisis, PRINCE2’s focus on lessons learned, planning and tolerances can help steady the ship.

PRINCE2 also emphasises continued business justification and risk management. Employers find this useful during economic downturns, when sponsors are less willing and able to start new, ambitious projects. Because PRINCE2 is a qualification backed by the UK government and honed over two decades, it’s seen as a safe option.

5. Perfect Starter Qualification

For all of the reasons stated above, PRINCE2 is the ideal way into project management. It teaches fundamentally sound principles and can teach you how to speak the project management language. Despite that, PRINCE2 is not rigid and is adaptable in a number of ways. It can be used for any project type at any scale. It will even integrate neatly into other methodologies, like agile.

As an added bonus, the Foundation classroom course can be completed in two days, or 10-12 hours for the e-learning course. To make it even easier, we offer a Pass Pledge for the Foundation e-learning course. That means unsuccessful candidates can resit the exam for free within three months of their first attempt. Most other training providers cannot make the same promise. If you have any questions, visit our contact us page for queries or customer support.