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Formal Assessments

PRINCE2 Formal Maturity Assessments

There are a number of ways that an organisation could assess its ‘maturity’ in portfolio, programme and project terms. The assessments really fall into two categories, those that are accredited and those that are not.

Assessments that provide no form of accreditation or certification

Assessments that provide no form of accreditation or certification are usually conducted to identify the organisations current capability and where there is room for further improvement. Staffing of the assessment could be either internal or external.

ILX’s Registered Consultants can assist organisation to carry out this assessment.

Those assessments that do provide accreditation

Those assessments that do provide accreditation, do so in the form of an external independent assessment usually following a period of guided implementation of a tuned, structured method or approach. PRINCE2 is an example of such an approach.

ILX’s Registered Consultants have a long and successful history of assisting organisations from diverse market sectors to achieve this independent verification, utilising best practice techniques, tools and maturity models to achieve the organisations objectives.