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‘Don’t Be Scared of Digital’ – 5 Reasons to Invest in E-Learning

As you move from business to business and industry to industry, the motives behind investing in an e-learning scheme can be completely different. The way your company operates could be at a completely different end of the spectrum in comparison to your nearest competitors, yet you both may find yourselves taking the plunge into digital learning all the same.

Below we have listed seven reasons why the move towards e-learning could benefit your business.

It’s scalable, efficient and fast

The business world is constantly evolving. Whether it’s down to a new internal business plan, developments within your market or simply to ensure your staff remain up to date with company practices, e-learning is perfect platform to do so. You can create new content and distribute it across your workforce easily, and minor updates will not cause you to design and deliver new training schemes at inconvenient junctures throughout the year.

Learning retention is increased

By blending the different types of learning you deliver to your staff, you will be improving their overall capability for knowledge retention. Varying styles allow the brain to be stimulated in different ways. This will increase the effectiveness of the training due to the fact it will appeal to the diverse range of learning capacities often present within a workforce. The progress of the learning can be easily monitored and, similar to the previous step; the course can be refreshed or updated at a pace that suits those learning from it.

It’s flexible and can be accessed anywhere

The ability to provide your employees with the freedom to learn when and where they want is an invaluable asset in highly-pressurised business environments. And, as is the case with many companies in the modern age, offices in various locations across the country or around the world are provided with a solution to a potentially difficult logistical problem – all within a platform that is easily monitored. For companies operating from sole locations, it enables you to be less reliant on classroom-based learning should you decide this is more suited to your requirements.

Consistency is paramount to its functioning

With the right design and investment, e-learning essentially allows you to achieve maximum coverage across your whole company. Simply put, business leaders will be able to communicate expectations and objectives in a streamlined, clear manner that guarantees every member of staff across the whole company receives the same relevant information.

Valuable resources are conserved

Think of the three biggest drawbacks of organising external training courses, whether they are held on your premises or require your staff to attend classroom-based training elsewhere. The first, obviously, is the expense. Not only will the cost of these courses dwarf that of a successfully designed e-learning course, the update feature we have previously mentioned will be completely removed. Instead, further courses will have to be arranged, multiplying costs by a huge amount over a number of years. This is not to mention the subsidies you will be required to cover for your staff should you choose to attend courses away from your workplace.

You will also be sacrificing a greater amount of time, something that will inevitably affect the overall output of your company. Time away from the workplace disrupts carefully designed schedules and puts increasing pressure on pre-existing constraints. With e-learning, courses can be designed to fit around heavy workloads or to be accessed throughout the year instead of at a designated time.

Finally, it is human resources. Even by staggering training to ensure all members of a team aren’t absent simultaneously, it undoubtedly puts those who remain under increased strain to meet productivity demands. Online training allows you to provide innovative learning alternatives to ensure external courses are no longer required and your workforce can function at its optimum level at all times.

Investing in an e-learning course that is suited to your business is no longer an indulgent purchase. In today’s digital age, capitalising on such resources may prove invaluable in the long run. Trained in the esteemed PRINCE2® project management methodology, the ILX Group is a platform to provide such a service. For more information on the structuring of PRINCE2 and how it benefits processes such as these, feel free to contact us today.