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Getting to know the 7 processes in PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® consists of 7 processes that helps project managers run projects in stages, from Starting Up a Project to Closing a Project.

They detail the requirements of every project, including: the resources needed, the actions that should be carried out at each stage, and what every milestone within the project timeline must look like.

But what are the 7 processes, and how do they work?

Starting up a Project

This is a pre-project stage that involves developing the project brief which provides a summary of the project’s objectives, scope, timeline, and feasibility. During this process, the project manager is appointed, and the project team members are identified. It is essential to identify the project’s viability during this stage and determine if it aligns with the organisation’s objectives and strategic goals.

Initiating a Project

This process is critical to the success of a project, as this is when the project plan is created. This document will detail how the goals will be achieved, what resources will be required, timelines, budgets, and risk management strategies. Once complete, the project manager will secure approval of the plan from stakeholders, including the project board and sponsors.

Managing a Stage Boundary

At this point the project manager needs to identify the different stages involved in the project and produce a stage plan for each. These are much more detailed than a project plan and break down the individual timings and costings for all portions of the project. As with the project plan, once complete, this will be taken to the directing board for approval.

Controlling a Stage

This process focuses on ensuring project delivery is on track. During this process, work packages are created, progress reports produced, and measures put in place to mitigate risks. At this point the project manager and other stakeholders monitor the progress of the project and take corrective measures if needed.

Managing Product Delivery

The managing product delivery process is where the project team creates and delivers the product. During this process, the project manager should be regularly reviewing the team’s progress against the project plan and any agreed upon quality criteria. At the end of this stage, the product should be delivered to the customer.

Directing a Project

This is an ongoing process throughout the project timeline and refers to the role of the project board. The board oversees a project’s progress ensuring it remains aligned with the organisations objectives, they set policies and guidelines for governance, decide on the budget, and approve the project plan.

Closing a Project

The final process in PRINCE2 marks the end of a project. The project manager will prepare a final report and present it to the sponsors and stakeholders. An evaluation will then take place assessing the level of success of the project, identifying areas of improvement, and documenting any lessons learnt to be used in future projects.

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