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Rating: 4.39 - from 1337 reviews.
Instructor needed to better adhere to time allocation - especially prior to the foundation exam. We were learning content 20 mins before when he had been saying for 3 days he would give us at least an hour to review. Made it really hard to cement the knowledge prior to the exam.
It was an interesting course but I would have preferred to have completed the course work in the first two days, and practised pass papers on the day of the exam. I felt uncomfortable learning most of the content on the day of the exam. I think we covered 50% of the themes / processes on the 3rd day. I also found it de-motivating completing pass papers on the 1st and 2nd day, when we hadn't learned most of the content.
Upon reflection and serious contemplation, I have given two stars, on account of the facilitator. I believe had he not been the one facilitating, there would have been less stars. The order of the facilitation was appalling and I (as well as the remainder of my class) insist that this should be re-assessed. At the end of the facilitation it is clear as to why it was done in the order, however, without any appropriate resources (the book) before the facilitation, I found that I was lost, which lead to a lot of frustration. The vernacular of the test should be looked at again as well, contextualized to the individuals taking the test. As a non-British speaking individual I found the questions misleading, and often contained too much "noise" (please see example below). Harry's dog has brown hair, Harry walks his dog every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, except when he is sick if it is raining, in which case Harry's mum walks the dog. What days of the week, does Harry NOT walk his Dog? The materials, once received were great, the online pre-training was adequate. The facilitator was fantastic, he knew what he was talking about and was able to "translate" with ease what was being said.
The Service was Good
The overall course was structured well, timings to cover the content were sufficient. I feel the course lead Carl Pitts presented very well and helped to articulate the course content in bite sizes.
The course was informational and efficient. It definitely aimed to make the candidate succeed in the venture by following the suggestions provided by ILX
I like the e-learning tool and the support looking forward to PRINCE2 practitioner.
Great communication of ideas. Just the right amount of time on each subject.
We weren't on the list when we arrived, so spent ages trying to get onto the course while it was actually starting
Good Training
The content was so easy to understand and laid out perfectly. :)
La plataforma parecía anticuada y no muy funcional. De hecho no llegue a usarla, pedí reembolso que me denegaron por haber accedido a ella.
the instructor was very knowledgeable and had hands on experiences.
Booking onto the course and all the admin from that point was seamless. The trainer was excellent, providing real life examples of how to apply PRINCE2 in the real world.
The classes were very interactive and Steve is an excellent instructor.
Great trainer, everything was interesting and easy to understand.
Very well structured. Almost a bit too robotic at times but that breeds consistency. I would recommend to others.
I'm constantly getting spammed with emails about discounts on the price of the course I have just sat. Sometimes this is a number of emails per week. If I've passed the course, I don't want to do it again. It's putting me off enrolling with ilx to do any more. Tell me specials on other courses for the next development step!
I wasn't always comfortable with the Facilitator and the fact that he allowed the group to go completely off track discussing irrelevant topics, as we had such a lot to cover in a relatively short time period this caused us to skim over important information. I would have liked the facilitator to be more upbeat and engaging. There was a lot to cover and therefore bringing it to life would have helped retain some of the information.
The trainer was very experienced and easy to understand. Learnt a lot of things and enjoyed the course.