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Rating: 4.39 - from 1337 reviews.
It was good
Good course structure, location and personnel however the pre course book should have been sent before the course. All fantastic otherwise.
I had to get the ilx app for the foundation tuition to work. It was very good once I got it and the staff were helpful. I'm now on the practitioner and again not sure if I get video tuition? When I log on with various computers as well as the app it does not seem so. Great tuition once you have the access to it.
I felt the course was well taught and Peter, our tutor did a great job in delivering the course content.
The course was well structured, we were given plenty of material and my teacher Denis was brilliant! However, one day when he was late it was never communicated to us what was going on and we as a class had to search for the information. This could have been better. Overall all though it was a brilliant experience that I would recommend.
I thought our trainer, Dennis, was excellent and really helped apply context to the methodology. The facilities were comfortable, food was good, staff friendly. Also, love the ILX pen. Total game changer.
Dennis was a great trainer, really brought the material to life with relatable analogies. Facilities were good and the lunch supplied was very nice. The ILX pen was great, still using it now.
I would definiately buy from ILX again. The online chat was helpful to clarify any outstanding questions so I was able to make my purchase fully informed.
I only contacted customer service once or twice but always received a quick and comprehensive response.
Good foundation course.
Was easy to book and received all pre-course material on time.
Ich habe noch immer kein Zertifikat erhalten!
I think getting the PRINCE2 manual to study before the course would have been great. Three days to try to remember all the jargon was really hard.
Overall training experience was good. However, the administrative processes should be optimized. In my case, I didn't receive the candidate registration from PeopleCert for my exam, which made me feel a little edgy.
had to call twice to re-send the link to the pre-work course, as I could not log on. I needed to call a third time to have it re-sent but ran out of time. Why did it refuse login when nothing had changed? Also, why, if this is a U.K based course is the wording Americanised??? Or should I say Americanized?!?! As an Englishman, this was disappointing.
professional course. It would be perfect if we could have more case studies
Quick, organised and efficient. Bought online, received confirmation quickly and clearly defined pre work with plenty of notice.
Originally i did not receive and email advising of the location of the learning center, i had to phone the helpdesk and ask for the location. On the day of my arrival my name was not listed on the course as being registered to participate, I then had to phone the booking line and they had to speak to the front desk so that I could be added. During that time i received an email advising that my exam was booked for the week after which i then had to arrange. Also i have been advised that the exam results have not been uploaded yet to PeopleCert, i need the pass result to show my business so they can refund my course. On the plus side Carl was a very good and informative teacher, the above is purely about before the course started minus the results.
The service received from sales through to after care was top notch and the training event was very professional with the trainer communicating the key issues incredibly well.