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PRINCE2 consulting

Effective use of PRINCE2 across an organisation, requires more than just the training of individuals. In order to realise the full benefits of the framework, a company needs to adapt it in a way that best suits the business. PRINCE2 should be interpreted, implemented and tailored to suit the organisation and project.

Whether you're in the public sector or business training, the ILX Group can offer a market-leading consultancy service to help you better understand your business needs. This could cover:

  • Improving your strategic best business practice
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Minimising risk within your organisation

Our dedicated team of experts will assess your organisation with a health check (audit). We then provide key insight via a bespoke report. By doing this, we can help your company achieve better commercial results.

Each business will have different SMART objectives, such as improving overall competences, culture or long term sustainable growth, to name a few. Our experts may advise other training provisions, such as PRINCE2 Agile.

Want to find out how your organisation could benefit from our PRINCE2 implementation services? Call the ILX Consulting team now on 01270 611 600 or email contactus@ilxgroup.com.

Implementing PRINCE2

Successfully embed the PRINCE2 methodology into your business.

Assessing Capability

Assess how mature your organisation is in using PRINCE2 and gain accreditation for your organisation.