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Rating: 4.39 - from 1323 reviews.
Very well organized company
PRINCE2 course was great and delivered well. I have a few suggestions to improve: 1) Have a tour-de-table straight away at the beginning of the course to help students get to know each other. 2) The course was very intensive, stretching to to 4 or 3 1/2 days would have made it a bit more relaxed pace.
I get really good professional lectures on project managements. I hope it to apply this knowledge in my future projects.
Very professional presenter with strong and relevant background who was able to keep us all engaged over three long days.
Very structured and easy program to follow! I would recommend this service to all aspiring Project Managers and for continued professional development!
Ralph was an exceptional trainer. I valued his experience, and his ability to relate examples of questions to real-life project experienced helped retain information.
The online proctor was excellent. My exam was 60 questions, and on the 58th question the system had a firewall/security setting issue with my work laptop, so fortunately I was taking it at home and had to switch laptops. The online proctor was reassuring and my test was saved and she talked me through everything to relieve my anxiety of a system issue. I got back online seamlessly and finished the last few minutes of the exam...and passed!
Schnell und einfach.
Der Service war einwandfrei.
Great service, quick easy delivery
Very good service generally. The trainer was efficient and the material provided helpful for the training. The number of attendees is good to have an efficient and anyhow "personalized" approach. ILX support is helpful, quick and pro-active. On wrong side, the pre-course cannot be performed on smartphone (application without content and no flash anymore to be used inside a browser) nor on strengthened browser.
The PRINCE2 course was very well done and I found it very beneficial. Our trainer, Angus, was brilliant and extremely helpful in answering any questions we had.
It was a very enjoyable course and pleased with my exam results at the end. Really served its purpose in helping my project management.
Generally well delivered course.
Great experience. Would recommend it.
I enjoyed the training and it was a good foundation to passing the exam
Prompt responses to any questions. Quick delivery of the manual.
Very thorough training and materials. I wish PRINCE2 training also incorporated a face-to-face discussion with the class about generating ideas for how someone could tailor PRINCE2 to their organisation.
All information was received promptly and was easily accessible and understandable. I would consider purchasing again in the future.
Highly recommend. Kept informed of everything regarding the course etc. Trainer excellent