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Bewertung: 4.4 - aus 1299 Bewertungen.
The classroom session was really good. The course had a good pace and prepared me well for the exams. Met some lovely people and had a great week! I initially signed up for the online courses, if you only want to do the Foundation level then this would be sufficient but these were less than adequate to prepare you for the Practitioner exam as the process of marking up and following in your manual was quite difficult!
Love the training video and the simplicity in which the details were embeded. It was easy to follow and I cleared the exam in first attempt.
The booking of the course was straight forward. I give an additional 5 stars to ILX for organising food, drinks and free parking throughout the 5 days training. The free parking was really helpful. I have already recommended ILX to colleagues.
Whilst I have my professional reservations about the training methodology used to provide the training that I received, I cannot fault any of the other aspects of the service provided by ILX.
Victor our trainer was really good, he was really friendly and explained things in a very easy to understand way. The only downfalls we found was as the practitioner exam had been changed recently the practice tests weren't very good as they weren't previous exams. Some of the questions didn't have correct grammar. The venue was also a bit of a let down on a few points, there was building work going on right outside the hotel which meant there was constant noise whilst trying to learn. Some of the lights were out so it was hard to see. We were then moved into another room for our exams.
Good exam platform
An amazing experience with very intuitive and self-explanatory training modules
Peter did a really good job at delivering the course material. He made it very interesting.
All went smoothly
ILX group were great in all their correspondence before during and after the course. The course itself was very well organised and the presenter was fantastic, his knowledge was second to none and his style, for me, was perfect.
Good learning materials. Excellent exam environment with proctor.
I received substantial assistance when initially browsing courses to decide what was right for me from the team at ILX. When my Prince2 practitioner course came around I was not confident. Work had been hectic and I had struggled for time to properly prepare. The pre course material, the helpfulness of the trainers and the structure of the course helped immensely and without this I am certain I would not have achieved my qualification. Would happily recommend to anyone
The facilitator was very knowledgeable and was able to use examples that assisted in the learning process
Training was prepared well. I complex subject was presented with good training and a well set up exam. I liked the fact that the training was catered - and the firm sticking to schedule that went on through the training sessions.
I really recommend ILX for Prince2 courses. The trainer was very knowledgeable and down to earth, I felt extremely comfortable and took everything in at a steady pace. The training was three days in Bristol and the venue was fantastic, really professional, relaxed and the food and refreshments were first rate. The equipment and training materials provided by ILX were also really well produced. Highly recommend.
Gewoon duidelijk en leerzaam en heb m'n examen gehaald! Goede locatie ook en goed eten.
excellent course, value for money considering the amount learnt
It did the job for me: the tools and support they provided me with prepared me well for my Prince2 exam. I liked that I could do everything from home in my own time, including taking the exam.
Not providing transperency on marks attained in the foundation exam is unacceptable, especially considering that one of the key principles of Prince 2 is learning from experience.