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Rating: 4.39 - from 1338 reviews.
Service was good and professional
The delivery of the exam vouchers immediately after booking was helpful. I had everything I needed and was able to follow all instructions. I didn't need to contact the helpdesk at all.
alles super!
Excellent experience
The course was easy to book, all paper based materials were provided in good time and the online pre-course set expectations for the full 5 day course.
Some small typos and grammar errors in the course material. Some errors in the exam simulator. Reported those but they never did the effort to reply
Very professional and communicative. They answered all my questions in a timely manner.
Excellent and helpful, target services.
The service PRINCE2 provided was absolutely professional and of one of the highest quality virtual classroom trainings that I have ever attended. The materials were also remarkably fast delivered and were well structured.
Online training modules were of good quality. Self-studying the manual and literature (provided) is still required to pass the exam. Manual shipped to home address and received very quickly. Exercises and mock questions were adequate for the preparation and very helpful.
My initial eligibility inquiry was dealt with quickly and efficiently. However, I was very disappointed with the virtual course itself. I found it very over-priced as the avatar/animation was, in all-but-one case, very brief and not at all enlightening. There were also a number of inconsistencies and technical issues and I wasn't aware how to feed this back. The exam itself was in a different format to the tow mocks provided. The initial response has saved my rating from two stars.
Flawless and efficient.
The chat team were helpful helping me understand how the plus pack works and helped me make a good decision which was value for money.
Great preparation for the certification test!
The online part is very poor, unless you have the book, you are unable to understand and pass the exam.
The online learning platform is nice to have but takes up quite a lot of time considering it does not add substantial value to the PRINCE2 book in the end and is in itself completely insufficient as prep for the exam. Absolutely essential is the test exam and features around this. Customer service is also excellent.
Very easy to use.
Die Möglichkeit die Schulungen per Online Training zu absolvieren und damit verbunden die Möglichkeit die Prüfungen online abzulegen; Allerdings ist die genutzte Technik für das Proctering nicht besonders gut geeignet, wenn man die Kamera am Laptop hat und normalerweise mit einem geklonten großen Bildschirm arbeitet. Denn dann muss man für die Prüfungen ausschließlich mit dem Laptop arbeiten. Auch die Terminfindung für die Prüfung war erschwert, aber das ist vermutlich der starken Nachfrage wegen Corona und Homeoffice geschuldet.
Very user friendly. My exams went smoothly and I had the best help from my proctor.
I found the ILX online lessons (the cartoons), very formulaic, difficult to understand and outdated. There are so many great, diverse online tools available but this course used one medium for every single lesson and to be honest used it pretty poorly. Project Management is very practical but until a case study at the end this training is all theory. I think it is a stretch to say that it is "creatively" presented, or engaging, I found it neither. I learned more from a couple of lessons on Youtube that I looked up for free afterwards. This was a waste of money.