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Rating: 4.39 - from 1338 reviews.
The support and turn around time for responses to issues was excellent. Would definitely recommend ILX Group for PRINCE2.
There customer service was amazing, material easy to follow. Will definitely use ILX group again the future.
Trainer had good knowledge of the product and in teaching it out to a mixed group of individuals.
Great online delivery! I completed both Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner.
ILX Prince 2 training course was well organised with great facilitators who were knowledgeable and used real life examples.
The information about the course isn't enough to understand the difficulty of it. Too much content for just 2.5 days of course. The details of the course should explain that for the pracionary exam you should study quite prior (like 2 months) before going to the exam. Also, it'd have been very helpful if I got the material (digital) when I bought the course to start studying asap. The teacher was great but I'm disappointed with ILX group.
Toll aufbereitete digitale Ausbildung, dazu kundenorientierter und hilfsbereiter Kundenservice!!
The precourse work was good and set up the 5 days in the classroom well. The venue was world class and we all felt looked after in a great environment. The Trainer provide a dynamic environment with pace and challenge that drove our learning in an excellent way. Great real world examples brought home the lessons and enabled our deep understanding of the subject. couldn't of been better
wie kann es sein das bei einem deutschen Kurs bei der Foundation das unterrichtmaterial auf deutsch ist und die Prüfung auf englisch und bei der Praktioner das Unterrichtsmaterial in englisch und die Prüfung auf deutsch ?? und dieses dem Kursteilnehmer erst bei Kursbeginn mitgeteilt wird
Amazing! Karen the trainer was fantastic
This course is inappropriately marketed, poorly put together and badly delivered. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Sarah was a great facilitator. Food was very average.
Great course great tutor I really enjoyed it
Good training content more than enough to enough to pass. Wording on some test questions a bit iffy. Mobile site didn't work well on my android.
Brilliant course, great instructor
Very well organized company
PRINCE2 course was great and delivered well. I have a few suggestions to improve: 1) Have a tour-de-table straight away at the beginning of the course to help students get to know each other. 2) The course was very intensive, stretching to to 4 or 3 1/2 days would have made it a bit more relaxed pace.
I get really good professional lectures on project managements. I hope it to apply this knowledge in my future projects.
Very professional presenter with strong and relevant background who was able to keep us all engaged over three long days.
Very structured and easy program to follow! I would recommend this service to all aspiring Project Managers and for continued professional development!