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Rating: 4.39 - from 1338 reviews.
I really enjoyed how the information was delivered by Peter Foster - lively, entertaining, and practical.
As mentioned in the Foundation feedback - the way the class was run was not approachable by all members of the group. Some people had already done Prince 2, some had not - whilst it was good to have both points of view, keeping control of the conversation should have been monitored better by the leader, as a lot of time was spent on tangents that were not relevant and wasted time. this meant that more and more of the agenda was pushed into evening reading, which was impossible to manage alongside the homework provided also. this was made clear by the Kanban board on the wall, but was not addressed through the week.
No issues at al
Great trainer and session!
The online training didn't prepare me for the real test very well. The overall concept made it hard to understand the underlying structure of Prince2. The sample questions mostly didn't occur during the real exam. Therefore the real exam had questions that I never saw and never heared of before in the online training. Anyway I luckily passed the exam but I think the online training has room for improvement.
everything has been easy going and great customer support
Die Beratung für den Kurs fand ich sehr engagiert, kompetent und sympathisch.
It was overall a good experience.
Would buy from them again. The process of organising logistics around the online exam is a bit convoluted and needs to be simplified. On the actual day of the online exam everything worked well though.
Very easy to work with. Information arrived when needed. All was clear.
very responsive to my inquiries throughout the process, especially with the online chat option on the website.
The teaching
Very average, they were helpful on some level - I needed a one month extension but not so helpful when it came to getting hold of them and getting my training portal up and going, I wasted one whole day of study trying to get hold of them.
Highly recommended
Would definitely recommend using ILX in the future for training and had a fantastic experience. Facility and food were excellent and my instructor was knowledgeable.
Great service. excellent contextual training
Great experience, thanks.
No issues. They answered my questions quickly
The training material falls far short of preparing prospective students from writing the independent exams.
Greta preparation and gerat exam experience